Meet the Crew

The Rosell family before the new husbands, wives, and grandchildren appeared on the scene

– Paul saw an opportunity on Hatteras Island to open a parasail operation. After traveling to Florida to train, he returned home in 1994 to open his own business, Hatteras Parasail. Over the years, Paul has flown thousands of people and has recently turned over the reins to his adult children to run the parasail boat in this family operation. At the suggestion of his kids, he added wave runners and boat rentals and most recently, a pontoon boat to the family water sport business. Paul keeps the business running smoothly by doing the behind the scenes work such as maintenance and repairs. In his spare time, Paul likes to surf and coach soccer.

Maria is the wife of Paul and mother of their six children. She takes care of the paperwork and reservation end of the business. In her downtime, Maria loves to play with her dogs, enjoy the outdoors and likes to orchestrate big family dinners.

Jerry has been working on the boat since he was 14. As a USCG licensed captain, he, now along with Bryant , work the summer seasons running the family parasail operation. Jerry is also on staff part time with Young Life to minister to the youth of Hatteras Island. In his spare time, along with his wife Brooke, Jerry likes to surf, fish and hang out with kids. Jerry is also a soccer and basketball coach at Cape Hatteras Secondary School.

Bryant -
Bryant began at the reservation desk when he was 13 and later moved up to a mate position on the parasail boat. He too is a USCG licensed captain and works full time each summer in the operation of the family parasail business in conjunction with Jerry. During the off seasons, Bryant works in construction and can be seen building houses and doing remodels. After work, Bryant likes to workout and hang out with his dog Buster.

Tori- Tori also started at the reservation desk and is a USCG licensed captain along with her brothers. She attended Appalachian state university and graduated with a degree in exercise science. She works full time managing our local family ice cream shop, Happy Belly, during the summers and still mates on the parasail boat a few days. In the winter months, Tori works at an accounting firm doing payroll and taxes. In her off time, Tori plays with her dog Winston and likes to go to the beach and spend time with her husband Andy.

Asa Ballance-
Asa started at the reservation desk at the age of 11 and can still be found on the dock any day in the summer. He too is a USCG licensed captain. Asa continues to work on the parasail boat as well as overseeing the wave runner and boat rental portion of the business. He is a member of the Hatteras Village Volunteer Fire Department. Asa enjoys surfing, fishing, soccer and basketball.

Haley became an official member of our family when we adopted her at the age of 7 after living with us as a foster child for 3 years. She is a perfect fit into our family with her high energy and love of nature. Haley scoops ice cream at our family ice cream shop, Happy Belly, during the summer months or whatever else is required of her. Often Haley is seen at the docks catching many different types of marine life and sharing her knowledge with visitors.


William loves to be on the docks of Hatteras and helps us with our wave runners and boat rentals. He is quick to offer assistance to our customers and give local knowledge to the visitors.  We can rely on him to get up early and meet our boat rental customers to execute the paperwork and tutorial. When not on the docks, William is employed by NCDOT. In his off time William likes to fish, clam and talk


Elaine Whitaker –
Elaine has worked at the reservation desk for years and is better known as “Shugg”. She is a family friend, neighbor and enthusiastic employee. She loves to talk and assist customers with her friendly North Carolina accent. Elaine recently retired from 30 + years in education and we are pleased she has stayed on board with us.


Morgan is a reservationist at our desk and has been part of our “family” for years. Her friendly smile and helpful nature make visitors feel relaxed and welcome. Morgan is a high school student at Cape Hatteras Secondary School. In her off time, Morgan likes to read, swim, fish, and hang out.


Charlie has been hanging out on the docks and a part of our business and family for quite a while. He is a hard working young man who is willing to do whatever needs to be done in the business. He is always quick to offer to help and assist customers. He is a student at Cape Hatteras Secondary School. In his spare time, he likes to fish, clam, play basketball and hang around the docks.


Rachel assists our customers with the instructions, life vests distribution and safety precautions of our waverunners. She has always been part of the “family” and is a great addition on the docks. You can see Rachel in the mornings serving breakfast at Sonny’s Restaurant, across the street from Oden’s Dock. Rachel loves to fish and play with her dogs at the beach.


Katie runs our social media for both Hatteras Parasail and Happy Belly. Her creative and innovative ideas bring life to our social media sites. She posts fun pictures and keeps the public aware of pertinent information for our businesses. She is also a caregiver at Kyle’s Munchkin Academy in Buxton. She likes to spend time with her dog Hatty and son Kasen when not at work.


Andy has become a professional scooper at Happy Belly Ice Cream. You can find him on any given night during the summer, at the ice cream shop serving up some sweet treats. His daytime job is at First National Bank where he is a Personal Banking Representative. Andy loves watching sports, playing basketball, and cooking.


Brooke is the photographer with the creative flair in our family. She helps with the advertising and pictures for our family businesses. During the school year, Brooke is the Spanish teacher at Cape Hatteras Secondary School. Brooke likes to watch her favorite shows, hang out with her cat Skunk and sleep.


Brianne moved from Hatteras Village a few years ago to explore other areas of the state.  Although she is not close in proximity, she still needs to breathe in the Hatteras salt air and dig her feet in the sand on the beach to survive. We are always glad to see her come back home to Hatteras for a visit.


Kasen is the boss of everybody and everything and the best baby in the world. He rules the roost and as the first baby in the family, receives much love and attention. We expect to see him on the docks in a few short years and maybe even operating the parasail boat one day.

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