Tour pristine salt marshes and waterways on Hatteras Island

Glide through the beautiful salt marshes and waterways on the soundside of Hatteras Village.

We offer guided tours six days a week starting at Odens Dock in Hatteras Village. The tours last about two hours and we gear it towards  your ability and experience level. Trips  can consist of up to 12 people.

We have five single kayaks and four double kayaks.  Child booster seats are available for the very young.

Your guide will give you information about local history , wildlife  and ecology.

The kayak tour includes the kayak, life jacket, guide, and a mini lesson. Our suggestion is to bring water, a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Shoes are mandatory and alcohol is not permitted.

Reservations must be made in advance. It is a great way for multi-age family and friend groups, along with couples,  to see the natural beauty of the island's waterways.

I have no experience kayaking.  Can I still go?
Yes. Most of our customers have little or no experience. Your guide will give you a mini lesson and instructions before you leave the dock and of course is available during the trip.
What do I wear?

What do I wear?
Most people wear a bathing suit or shorts and a tee shirt. If you get hot, you can get wet.

What if I get tired?
We try to accommodate all participants on the trip. Usually there is someone else who would like to stop and take a break. Your guide has excellent areas where you can pause and still enjoy the beauty of nature.

What can I expect to see while kayaking the waters around Hatteras Village?

The are many kinds of birds including skimmers, egrets, herons, ibises, pelicans, loons, and gulls. 
You may also see a varitey of salt marsh plants and  animals including fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and tunicates.  The scenery is to die for!  Become immersed in quiet scerene waterways, glorious sunrises and tranquil sunsets.  On the tours, your guide will share interesting folklore and history. 

If you are using an iPad or iPhone and you want a tour click here

What is the cost of a kayak tour?
Guided kayak tours cost $35.00 per person. We charge $10.00 for children under 5 riding in a booster seat

Where in Hatteras Village are you located?
Here is our location on Google Maps

What is the weather like at Hatteras today?
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